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Through music education, children can learn LIFE-SKILLS and can develop their social skills in various aspects.///In the project “El Sistema” in Venezuela, which caters free music education to underprivileged children, could give chance for many youths to have education and has prevented them from being engaged in dangerous activities. –> Details of Seven Spirit’s music education program

3 Skills children can learn from Music


It is LIFE-SKILLS that children can learn the most from orchestra/choir education. Life skills are problem solving behaviors used appropriately and responsibly in the management of personal affairs. It includes 10 skills as followings; Decision making, Problem solving, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Effective communication .Interpersonal relationship skills, Self-awareness, Empathy, Coping with stress. Those skills are essential for the physical, mental and social health of all the human. Especially for the poor people in developing countries, it is indispensable to protect themselves from dangers of drugs, alcohol, smoking, early pregnancy or violence, and to live a life which a person idealize for himself. In an orchestra or a choir, members gathered from different background have to cooperate with each other in order to make its commonly-ideal music. Sometimes they must go over a conflict of opinions, and sometimes they may hold the hands of each other. Because one mistake of one player is enough to spoil or destroy the quality of the music as a whole, each player takes a big role and responsibility. Orchestra or choir requires its members to fit their action with their playmates to make an ideal music. This “SMALL SOCIETY” brings up the LIFE-SKILLS of children. Aside from Life-skills, in group children also can learn skills which will be important as they become grown-ups naturally. Punctuality, Goal-setting, Multi-aspect thinking are the best examples.


Classical Music, being performed throughout generations, is always followed by the process of INTERPRETATION -> EXPERIENCE -> EXPRESSION.

Read the intention of composer from the score, taste it with one’s own feelings or experiences, and deliver the performance to the heart of the audience.
Having sympathy with others’ emotions, children acquire Empathy. This is what music can allow children learn because music cannot be completed by a sole party.


You might be surprised to know the fact those children who had music education show better performance in the other field of academics.

The experience of music in childhood is effective on the development of both right and left brains. Aside from IQ development, it is also known that the skills particularly of reading, calculation, language, science, and biology can be improved. There is a study as well saying the longer music education is given to children, the less children drop out from the school, and the more children proceed to higher education.

This fact means that the learning from Music becomes a basis of all the further learning. Good habit to keep on practicing for one’s own goal would change the way of perception for the children.

hrough Music, El SIstema saved risked children in Venezuela

Model of our activity can be found in Venezuela. It is called “El Sistema”, free orchestral music education program started since 1975. To save the children in Slum area, who are surrounded with kinds of danger, from Violence, Drugs or Delinquency, the project let them have music instruments for free.

The number of participants mount up to around 400,000 so far. Given a chance to join the after-school music learning activity, they protect themselves from dangerous temptations, and turning great grown-ups.

The rise of world-widely famous youth orchestra and the great conductor Dudamel proved that the culture of classic music do not have to be privileged by rich people in advanced countries, but also can be shared and appreciated by all the people regardless of their economic status, place of born.

Following this amazing project, Seven Spirit aspires to give life skills for the children all over the world.

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