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What’s Seven Spirit?

Seven Spirit is an Not-for-Profit Organization established since February, 2012.
We aim to make a society in which all the children in the world can play and learn as they deserve.
Promoting human development in its diverse aspects, the organization gives particular attention to transform the lives of poor youth, children, juvenile delinquents, the marginalized and economically backward section of the communities by creating equal opportunities, enhance their potentials to lead a life of justice, equality with dignity through music and sport education.

“The most miserable and tragic thing about poverty is not the lack of bread or a roof, but the feeling of being no one, the feeling of not being anyone, the lack of identification and the lack of public esteem”. Quoted above is a Famous Phrase from Mother Teresa.

In their poor economic status, underprivileged children in developing countries are often times deprived from “learning” nor “playing”, and eventually they cannot find something of which they can be proud of, or they can be fond of. This means, those children do not have opportunities to try and show their personal interest and talents, be evaluated, be appreciated for their performances.

Conflict, War, Poverty.. There are an uncountable number of problems in this world. But our children should fully enjoy their rights to Learn and play regardless of where they are born. Our mission is to create an environment which can provide for those rights for kids as a matter of course.

As of now, we are focusing on Music Education Program targetted for Cebuano children in the Philippines.
More details of Music Education can be read here –>

In Cebu, almost half of the children cannot finish their secondary education.

Renowned for its beautiful beach, Cebu is attracting the tourist from all over the world. However, almost half of the kids cannot finish their secondary education here in Cebu


Power of Music

Orchestra is a “small society.” To make an ideal performance, members need to cooperate with their teammate as well as to compete with others. Music, in which both the Individual endeavor and the teamwork are necessary, can let children acquire LIFE-SKILLS.>


Message from the Founder

Children are the most precious treasures in the world. Their lives can be changed dramatically if they were given a sound, nurturing, and right environment at their sensitive ages. As they grow up and become parents of the next generation, perhaps they can give a good influence to the society in return. It might not be promptly effective, but we believe this cycle can transform the world to a better one step by step. Though it is important to give monetary and material support of course, it is also rather significant to give mental support for them. To understand the situation in which each child is in, and to give their own way of support. This is what we want to do.