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“SOS” Choir ~Singers On the Street

Being in the poverty, Street children cannot learn satisfactorily in schools.

They live in a world which is totally disenfranchised from the society. Without an experience to realize the roles given or to play them, they just keep aging.

To let children find something “worth doing” in singing activity, find a way to express themselves, and become able to play a decent role in a society, Seven Spirit organized a choir group consist of street children.

The first stage of the little singers! Sep 29, 2012

It was July 7, the day of Seven Spirit, when we started to be with our children.
Not given chance to learn the discipline in collective behavior, brought up by non-educated parents, street children were usually seen as someone misery, or even hated by the pedestrians.

At first, their expectation towards the activity was only the food. However, gradually their interest turned into Singing after every meeting.

Japanese volunteers were always there to help our children learn. For the children, it was their first time to feel that foreigners or strangers pay their attention as well as affection to them. By practicing their songs hard, more people would approach them and be happy with that.
This is an event inspired them very much.

In their first performance with the audience, though their singing skills are still far from perfect, they could show a big progress from what they used to be. Now they can arrange lines with their friends, they can keep the rhythm with teammates! It sounds like a dream that some of them even did not know their names just a few months ago. They shared a lot of power with guests and staffs!

Their next stage is scheduled in December. We are preparing for it now!

Our Teacher


He was born in Mindanao. Though his profession is Engineer, he is also very passionate in music having experienced leading a choir group during his college years. He is well-loved by children because of his full energy of cracking jokes and telling stories.