Charity T-shirt Project

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Charity T-shirt Project

For the Japanese children in disaster area, what can we do? In Charity T-shirt Project, the warm heart of Filipino children become a wonderful gift as a T-shirt.

“Though It does not seem realistic to give monetary support from Philippines to Japan, we still can do something with paper and pencil. ” The children from the orphanage in Cebu told us, “Yes, we want to try if it can be a benefit for Japanese children!” The illustration designed by Cebuano kids were sold online to Japanese people via Seven Spirit’s Website, and the benefit from this project were tapped to the summer camp for the children from disaster area.

On the day of designing, given crayon and a piece of paper, children draw the figure 7 (the symbol number of Seven Spirit) as they want. It was the only rule for them that they draw whatever illustration so long as it contains “7″. There were some who made many sketches, and there were some who sophisticated one sketch carefully. We were so amazed by the creativity and originality of the children.

Eventually, 293 T-shirt were sold to Japanese people and we could raise fund for the camp-project. Even though they did not face each other, they can be connected by heart to heart. Today, this T-shirt is worn by our children as their uniform.