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About Us

NPO Seven Spirit
JAPAN :202, Takadabashi-Heights, 3-21-11, Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
PHILIPPINES :Mabini St., Corner Zulueta St. Pari-an, Cebu City
The purposes of NPO Seven Spirit is to contribute to the realization of society in which children can have dreams, through projects that support people who are under difficult situation like disaster and poverty or children who do not have access to quality education, both inside and outside Japan, to maintain the minimum standards of wholesome and cultured living as well as to be able to be fully-educated so that they can make their own-made decision on their life career.
in February 2012
Board Members
  • Hiroaki Tanaka

  • Tatsuhiro Sakai
  • Keisuke Goshima
  • Akihide Noguchi
  • Manabu Suehiro

Our Team

Hiroaki Tanaka

Born in Ehime, Japan. While working as a freelance writer, through my experience of travels abroad I faced the situation of poor children in Southeastern Asia. Just before turning 30 years old, I made up my mind to study English in Philippines. Meanwhile studying English I also joined some volunteer works. I got attracted to the activities which support children.
After a half year stay in Philippines he traveled orphanages and kids’s support centers in Asia, Europe and Africa. In February 2012, founded NPO Seven Spirit to be dedicated to support the children in the world.

Akihide Noguchi

Born in Fukuoka, Japan. In his 1st year college, studied English and joined NGO works in Cebu. As he went back to Japan, to share the learning in Philippines, founded a students group in which students worked for the donation of music instruments to schools and orphanages in Cebu, moreover to have the trainer’s development program.
As he turned 3rd year, he studied Philippines Politics in University of the Philippines. In 2012, organized a group called UUU which delivers classic orchestra concert to Cebuano children with Japanese musicians in cooperation with Cebu Philharmonic Orchestra. As of now, playing in CPO and working as a staff on NPO Seven Spirit.

Dorothy Fortuna

Born in Davao City in Mindanao; Southern part of Philippines, I arrived in Cebu when I was in high school. Prior to my study in university I worked in a Quality Control Section (Outgoing Inspector) of a Japanese Company in the Northern part of Cebu. I graduated from University of Southern Philippines Foundation Major in Social Work while studying. I also worked in the university to have free tuition. I was once a volunteer for a group of cancer patients. After graduation I worked in French-funded organization for almost six years as the Social Worker in the center for teenagers. I joined NPO Seven Spirit last June 2012.

Steps We Took

Charity T-shirt Project
Summer Camp Project

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